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Midwest Murders – Part 1: Arnie Graves

Was Arnie Graves’ murder the work of a satanic ritual serial killer, or was it just staged to look like it? The veteran Chicago Police Detective who investigated the murder describes it as something he had never seen before. This Chicago-based episode covers the first murder in this series that begins a chain reaction that eventually links multiple crime victims in the Midwest.

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Arnie Graves (Image provided by Angelique Graves)

Angelique Graves (Sister) and Archie Graves (Father) (Image Source)

Arnie Graves with his entire family (Image provided by Angelique Graves)

Arnie Graves’ parents (Image provided by Angelique Graves)

Arnie Graves with family (Image provided by Angelique Graves)

Dawn Coyne Trimble: Investigative Reporter/ Guest Host Dawn is a successful real estate broker with Keller Williams. She gives back to her community as a volunteer leader with Crime Stoppers at the local, state, national and international level:
Vice President: Champaign County, Illinois Crime Stoppers
Board Member: Illinois State Crime Stoppers Association
Regional Director/ Board Member: Crime Stoppers USA
Advisory Board Member: Crime Stoppers International

Chicago Police Detective Timothy Nolan (Ret.) Detective Nolan started as a Chicago Police Officer in 1986 and was assigned to the south side, which is known for its significant gang crime. During his career, he was a member of the Chicago Police Department Gang Crimes Unit and a rifleman for the Hostage Barricade Terrorist Team. He was promoted to detective in 1996, where he was assigned to Area One Violent Crimes. He investigated all violent crimes but primarily homicides. He was also certified as a Fire Investigator and worked in the Bomb and Arson Section. He retired after a 30-year career.

William B Thompson (Image Source)

Yusef Kareem Brown (Image Source)

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Special Thanks

  • Dawn Coyne Trimble: Guest Host/ Investigative Reporter
  • Chicago Police Detective Timothy Nolan (Retired)
  • Capt. Aaron Hattabaugh (Retired), Professional Voiceover Artist; opening and closing announcements
  • Mitch Marlow, Songwriter, producer and recording engineer; Creator of “The Takedown”, TCTD’s theme music

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