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This true crime story highlights the enduring love of a sister and her quest to find the killer who took her twin from her.  In 1996, Jody LeCornu was just 23 when she ended up sitting in her car one early morning in a parking lot in the Baltimore Maryland area.  Her murder was ruthless and devasting to her loved ones.  Her twin, Jenny Carrieri, is relentless in her pursuit of the coward, who chose to murder Jody LeCornu for whatever little gain he received.  There are pieces to this puzzle that could help solve this homicide, but not enough yet to bring the subject who committed this murder to justice.

Jennifer LeCornu Carrieri is organizing this fundraiser.
My identical twin, Jody, was murdered in Baltimore County on March 2, 1996—which was on my parents’ wedding anniversary.  Her case has remained unsolved for nearly 25 years. I continue to try—in every way possible—to share her story. I have placed billboards in the Baltimore area to call attention to her case and I continue to do interviews via television, podcasts and print media. The billboards, I believe, play a crucial role in reaching people who may know something about who murdered my sister. They also share the tip line I established and the significant reward of $100,000.  

Visit the Justice4Jody to the full article or to help support Jenny in her mission to find her sister’s killer.

Please help find the killer of Jody LeCornu by sharing any information you may have:

  1. Call the Baltimore County Police at 1-410-887-2222
  2. Submit anonymous tips through Metro Crime Stoppers:
  3. Submit anonymous tips through the P3tip app.
    • Visit your phone app store, or go to the P3Tips website for download information.

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Picture of Jody LeCornu. (Image source)

Picture of Jenny Carrieri. (Image source)

Photo of Crime Scene where bullet entered Jody’s seat. (Image source)

Twins, born two minutes apart. Jennifer Carrieri (L), older; Jody LeCornu (R). (Image source)

First day of kindergarten. (Image source)

Snowy night showing Jody’s Honda Civic in the parking lot where Jody was found. (Image source)

Pic of similar BMW that the suspect was driving (Image source)

Jody LeCornu case covered in this book by Cal Millar. (Image source)

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